Third Open Conference on Mongolian Studies

Third Open Conference on Mongolian Studies

8.30 Registration at Conference Venue: Seminar Room, CIW, Building 188, Fellows Lane, ANU

9.00 Welcome by Li Narangoa, Director ANU Mongolia Institute


9.15 Keynote Speaker, Professor Zayabaatar Dalai, National University of Mongolia, "Support Policy for Mongolian Studies"

10:00 Session Chair: Natasha Fijn

Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt, ANU, “Mining Mongolia: Livelihood change and continuity in informal mining”

Wuqiriletu, ANU, “Herders and Scientist Working Together: Citizen Science in Action in Inner Mongolia”

10.40 Morning tea

11.00Chair: Ariun-Erdene Bayarjargal

Narantuya Ganbat, ANU, “Human rights treaties and social change in post-socialist Mongolia”

Ma. Burenjargal Tangudai, Inner Mongolia University, Risk and Response in the Financial Cooperation between China and Mongolia”

In-Young Choi, Busan University of Foreign Studies, “Spain and Mongolia develop its bilateral relations”

Sunho Kim, Busan University of Foreign Studies, “Reassessment of the Mongolian leverage role in inter-Korean relations”

12.40 Lunch

1.40 Chair: Li Narangoa

Natasha Fijn, ANU, “Seterlekh: an Anti-Sacrifice of Other Beings?”

Li Jindeng, Kyoto University, “Evolving Mongol Shamanism”

Gesar Temur, ANU, “Western Form of Buddhism in Mongolia”

Delger Borjigin, Inner Mongolia University, “A Textual Research on the Different Versions of Mongolian Bible and Its Variants“

3.20 Afternoon tea

3.50 Chair: David Brophy, Sydney University

Gerald Roche, Melbourne University, “’Please Tell Them We're Not Mongolian’: Identity and History among the Dordo of Northeast Tibet”

Jonathan Ratcliffe, ANU, “Alag Ereen Saarhan(The Striped and Mottled Paper): Textual Literacy and Power in the Epics of Manshuut Imegeno

Spencer Haines, ANU, Myth, Misconception, and Motive for the Zunghar Intervention in Khalkha Mongolia in 17th Century

5.00 Closing remarks by Igor De Rachewilz, Emeritus Professor, ANU

5.30 Reception: Lotus Hall, Building 188, Fellows Lane, ANU

6.00 Keynote Public Lecture by Mr John Man, Auditorium, Building 188, Fellows Lane, ANU

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